Introducing the Durable Human Manifesto

This little “booklette” helps you embrace your nature inside and out.

Although The Durable Human Manifesto
does contain the word “revolution” (thanks to Foo Fighter Dave Grohl), it comes in peace as a declaration of human awesomeness and celebration of our supremely unique selves.

If you want to sharpen your human edge, be healthier and access your unique inner strengths, The Durable Human Manifesto gives you a place to go. You’ll learn how to design an active Durable lifestyle so you can rely more on yourself again and make the best of what the human animal does naturally.

I’m writing a longer book on how individuals and society can stay Durable for the long run, but produced this mini version to get your thoughts and guidance.The Manifesto’s welcoming design and striking images make it different from a typical publication. In fact, I hope you’ll see it more like a breath of fresh air. (And don’t forget to check out the Mr. Rogers video at the end.)

Reading The Durable Human Manifesto  is easy.  Just download a copy for free here or buy it in print on Amazon.

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