Durable Human (2 book series)

Broccoli Brain

Live a Balanced Life Broccoli Bunch Tech Hygiene Hint No. 1 from Jenifer Joy Madden on Vimeo.

Too much technology in a child’s life can hurt. Genderless broccoli and broccolini kids contrast a balanced, full-sensory 3-D existence versus spending way too much time on screen-based media. Video by DurableHuman.com.

Sleep Screen Free Broccoli Bunch Tech Hygiene Hint No. 2 from Jenifer Joy Madden on Vimeo.

To be their best in the morning, kids need to sleep screen free at night. In this Broccoli Bunch animation, genderless veggie kids show what happens if a kid has a noisy, tempting screens in the bedrooms at night and what happens if they don’t. Video by DurableHuman.com.

Be There to Feed Your Baby Broccoli Bunch Tech Hygiene Hint No. 3 from Jenifer Joy Madden on Vimeo.

Be with your baby when it’s feeding time, not on your phone. For baby and caregiver to form a strong attachment, and for that baby to grow up self-confident and emotionally balanced, both must have constant eye contact and loving touch, perhaps most importantly during feeding time. Broccoli Bunch animation depicts a baby gently nudging caregiver to put the phone away and pay attention. Video by DurableHuman.com.


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