Durable Human (2 book series)

Phone Food, The Gadget Parking Spot

Phone Food™ cellphone management training system consists of:

  • A hand-crafted eco-friendly Phone Food™ trainer: a place for the phone to “sleep” in the kitchen so child and device are both recharged in the morning!
  • A copy of The Phone Food™ Story: a tale of empowerment about a child who outsmarts her smartphone!

Phone Food™ styles:

Sammy the Sandwich
Paco the Taco

Sammy and Paco come equipped with the one-page Phone Food™ Story to teach better tech hygiene and why SLEEP is so crucial to being an awesome human being! 

Phone food front and back covers


(not bad for helping your child have a lifetime of better sleep ; )

While we construct our ordering platform, to order Phone Food™, please email info@durablehuman.com with the number and style you wish to order, along with your name and address – and we’ll make it happen!

Thanks so much for your interest in building your family’s durability!


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