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Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 7:30pm

“Embrace Your Nature” Meadowlark Gardens Twilight Stroll

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Author Jenifer Joy Madden teams up with park manager and Smithsonian naturalist Keith Tomlinson to lead a midsummer excursion through northern Virginia’s only botanical garden. Includes a mindfulness activity to “open the sense doors,” a guided tour of the park and its artwork, and a rare sunset ring of the magnificent Korean Bell.

"Under the Sea" by Harry McDaniel displayed in Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna, VA
These days, because so many of us spend so much time time associating with our helpful digital devices, we sometimes forget about all the amazing things we can do that our smart phones can’t. Jenifer Joy Madden’s signature “Walks and Talks” give you a chance to step away from your daily busy-ness and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit amid the sounds, sights and sensations of beautiful natural settings.

Jenifer’s easy-to-read Durable Human Manifesto is designed to help people of all ages to be happier, more creative and “built to last.” As she says, “In a world increasingly filled with tireless gadgets, if we humans are to continue as true, active contributors in society, we must be durable.  We have highly-evolved assets such as our senses and muscles, but the good stuff about us can go unutilized as we contend with everyday pressures and the glut of incoming information. Taking time out to connect with nature not only gives us a break, it can kick-start creativity and spark new ideas.”

The “Embrace Your Nature” tour of Meadowlark includes a stop at the lovely Azalea Gazebo, where visitors can bask in the sounds of life emanating from the forest. On the stroll, Jenifer and Keith will reflect on the skills that earlier humans needed to survive in the forest, why people today also need to be self-reliant, and how to build personal durability.

Jenifer has held other “Walks and Talks” at the Smithsonian’s Haupt Garden and the University of Notre Dame Sculpture Park.

Fourteen years ago,  an attempt to visit Meadowlark with her then 6-year-old son sent Jenifer down the path to civic engagement. When the pair tried to walk to the park from their home nearby, it was impossible because there were no sidewalks. Subsequently, she proposed a network of walking trails that connected residents not only with Meadowlark, but many other local parks and amenities. Local residents welcomed the idea and the system was ultimately funded by Fairfax County. Now, as the Silver Line comes online, the “NoVi Trail Network” also gives residents a safe way to walk to new neighborhood bus stops and to bike to the Tysons Metro stations.

Those interested in attending the Twilight stroll can register by calling the Meadowlark Gardens Visitors Center at 703-255-3631, extension “0”. The $10 cost includes the park entry fee and a signed copy of The Durable Human Manifesto. (Rain date: July 27)

About the Author:   Jenifer Joy Madden is a digital journalist and adjunct professor, inveterate parent of three, and award-winning community leader based in the Washington, D.C. area, where she literally and figuratively builds bridges to greater well-being. Her writing and videography have informed millions on ABC News, PBS, Discovery Health Channel, in The Washington Post and at DurableHuman.com.

Jenifer is also an avid cyclist, a Fairfax County (Virginia) transportation commissioner, and was named 2012 “Lady Fairfax” and the 2007 Hunter Mill District “Community Champion” for her work developing “The NoVi (Northern Vienna) Trail Network”: a system of paths that connects residents and visitors by foot and bicycle to one national park, two regional parks, ten county parks and the new Silver Line Metro.

Jenifer (far right) and friends admire “Tracery” by Deborah Butterfield in the Notre Dame Sculpture Park


Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 7:30pm


Take a look at the photos from this event!


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 An Evening of Inspiration and Images

Independent Publishing Resource Center 1001 SE Division Street  Portland

Why, like Portland, is it good to be weird? Are you making the most of what’s different about you? What about your kids? What are you doing to help them discover their own individual interests, aptitudes and quirks? Explore the answers during this special evening hosted by Jenifer Joy Madden—health journalist, well-being advocate, and author of The Durable Human Manifesto. Although The Manifesto contains the word revolution, it comes in peace as a declaration of human awesomeness and celebration of our unique (but too often unsung) assets, such as intuition, compassion, and curiosity. Learn science-based strategies for how to harness the best of your own essence and prepare your kids to be active, contributing adults. Also, through his photography, see how the curiosity of Portland industrial designer Brian Madden influences his design sensibilities. Transit directions to IPRC from The Sentinel Hotel: Walk north on SW 11th Ave towards SW Alder St, then right 5 blocks on SW Washington. At SW 5th, take the #4-Division/Fessenden bus toward Gresham TC . http://trimet.org/schedules/r004.htm Get off at the SE Division and SE 12th Avenue stop. Walk west on SE Division St toward SE 11th Ave. to 1001 SE Division St. Buses depart every 10 minutes and 15-20 minutes on the way back. A 2-hour ticket can be purchased on the bus for $2.50.


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