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How To Be a Durable Human cover

How To Be a Durable Human offers tips, tricks, and real-life examples so you can thrive in the busy digital age.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Find more time to spend on the people you care about.
  • Keep your eyesight sharp even if you’re always on a screen.
  • Sleep well in an “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” culture.
  • Maximize your muscles so you don’t let “sit happen.”
  • Safeguard bio-electrical body parts.
  • Fight back against information overload.
  • Banish the frazzled feeling you get when you spend too much time online.
  • Eat to compete in a world of tireless gadgets.
  • Help your kids to be  more durable, too!
How To Be a Durable Human gives you the keys to rediscover your one-of-a-kind Self so you are happy, healthy, and in control!

What readers say about How To Be a Durable Human:

“I was caught up, engaged and motivated to take your advice and suggestions and put them into practice.”

“It’s already given me food for thought and a boost of optimism that my move to a new house will be a great opportunity to change the way I do things.”

“Jenifer has a beautiful way of describing what should come naturally to us as humans. I could see this as required reading for a course.”


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