Durable Human (2 book series)

Be a Durable You

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Master the ABC’s (and D!) of wise parenting!

What’s in it for you:

The calm and self-confidence you’ll make the BEST decisions so your child grows up even-keeled, kind, skilled, and independent and has maximum brain and language development. 

The know-how to teach life balance and boundaries in a hyper-connected world.

Tools and techniques for maximizing you family’s well-being and ensuring your child has a fully-rounded 3-D 360-degree childhood and a bushy brain!

 Easy tricks to nudge yourself to pay more attention to your child than your technology.


The 5-video course is based on the latest brain science and features renowned child health experts including Harvard’s “The Mediatrician™.”. 

Your instructor is Jenifer Joy Madden, 3-time parent, award-winning health journalist, educator, TEDx speaker, and founder of DurableHuman.com.

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Why be "Durable"? Your instructor tells you in this TEDx:

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Nudge your loved ones (and yourself) with these helpful hacks!

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