A Prospective Author’s Perspective 2013

Above my front door is a high window I can’t clean without a ladder. I like to position it so it’s rock steady before I grab a rag and step up. Authors feel the same way about launching their books – and in 2013, there are more ways than ever to secure a sure footing.

When I wrote my first Prospective Author’s Perspective after Digital Book World 2011, it was early days for e-books and it seemed that all of book publishing was in flux. At this year’s DBW, the dust had settled to reveal that content creators have more control – and more options. Continue reading

How Free Content Can Boost Book Sales

To sell more books, authors and publishers need to actively manage how their books are discovered, including which excerpts potential buyers can read for free.

“Every author writes different kinds of books and has different audiences, but your audience always wants value,” says Rob Eagar, president of WildFire Marketing. Fiction readers are looking for emotion and stories that inspire, while non-fiction readers want to learn new information or how to overcome a challenge.

So, as Rob advised at Digital Book World’s recent Discoverability and Marketing conference, when doling out free content, don’t just settle for the first chapter. Instead, answer the reader’s age-old question: What’s in it for me? Continue reading

Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Whether you’re an author, publisher or anyone else, good old email still works to get your message out. You just can’t send it the same old way.

9 out of 10 people read email, while just 6 in 10 hang out on social media. Chances are 1 in 5 a reader will act on an email message, as opposed to 1 in 100 on Facebook and a scant 0.3% on Twitter.

That’s according to interactive marketing expert Jessica Best. The folks at Digital Book World asked her to speak at their recent conference on discoverability and marketing because, in today’s world, email is needed for both.

Jessica says you can’t just send out “one big email” any more. You need to target like a laser beam, using the recipient’s first name if possible. Also, as she told The Durable Human, a picture is worth a thousand words. Continue reading

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