The Durable Human Manifesto

“I am so delighted to have read your book.”

“I could see this as required reading for a course.”

"I love the idea of really getting back to our authentic selves."

"Very positive, very helpful, very accessible useful information for anyone."

"Shows the way to becoming a healthier happier person."

"A must-read for all educators and parents!"

“Well researched yet delightfully readable.”

“Simple but solid advice on how to thrive in the midst of today’s challenges.”

This is The Durable Human Manifesto

Having trouble keeping all the balls in the air? Want a little more time to smell the roses, or at least be with your kids? Then it’s time you read:


Although The Durable Human Manifesto does contain the word “revolution” (thanks to Foo Fighter Dave Grohl), it comes in peace as a declaration of human awesomeness and a sensory celebration of our supremely unique selves.


manifesto-landscapeThe Manifesto’s welcoming design and striking images make it very different from a typical book. By reading The Durable Human Manifesto, you’ll get a start on designing a durable lifestyle so you rely more on yourself again and make the best of what comes naturally.

Being more durable will help you:

• Kickstart your creativity by rediscovering your “childlike” curiosity.
• Learn why “doing nothing” rejuvenates your senses, boosts your well-being and gets you back in your natural groove.
• Dump the time-wasters and low-value habits that keep you from nurturing your authentic inner self.
• Strengthen your virtual backbone and see why reasonable risk-taking is good for you, your community and your world.
• Remember how to pay closer attention to the people you love, taking full advantage of the magic of the human touch.
• Revive dormant skills and learn new ones that will save you time and money.
• Help your kids become confident, contributing adults who are masters of their own minds, talents and abilities.

Inspiration for The Durable Human Manifesto is courtesy of:

  • Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods
  • E. O. Wilson, world-renowned biologist
  • Soren Gordhamer, founder of the wisdom 2.0 movement
  • Mark Pagel, Royal Society fellow and human evolution specialist
  • Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (you know who they are)

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